Karoo South Africa November 2022

5 day Leadership Development Retreat in the Karoo/South Africa

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Sustainability Leadership - Learn from Nature

NEW DATE planned for November 2022 due to the unpredictable travel situation during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Contact us - and we keep you personally in the loop regarding the exact dates.

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5-day program, max. 6 people

Pre-workshop- interviews (expectations and leadership challenges)


Day 1: Ecosystem introduction, biomes, Eco-balance & San Art and culture

Day 2: Field skills. Plants & soil, insects & reptiles

Day 3: Tracking skills. Mammals & birds

Day 4: Solo Peak experience

Day 5: Integration: Ecosystem applications in leadership, team and business

Day 6: Departure

Day 1 “Arrival & Introduction to the Little-Karoo”

Check- in at Farmhouse around lunchtime

Safety-Briefing (Andrea & Danie)

Ecosystem briefing & Orientation, afternoon walking safari – Biomes - Little- Karoo (Danie)

Sensory briefing (visual observation skills) (Andrea)

Orientation skills (north/south, sun, vegetation, lichen)

Evening talk: Principles of Conservation & Biodiversity protection (Danie)

Group session & reflection, talking stick, sharing stories around the fire (Andrea)


Day 2 “Field skills”

Early morning-round & briefing (Andrea & Danie)

Ecosystem briefing: Plants & soil, insects & reptiles (Danie) - Strategies of survival and adaptation, nutrient cycles & symbiosis

Morning walking safari

Sensory briefing (smell & taste) (Andrea)

Group session & reflection (Andrea)

Field skills & Survival skills (concept of thirst, water, firemaking, edible species) (Danie)

Relax & journaling

Late afternoon driving safari


Group session & reflection, talking stick, sharing stories around the fire (Andrea)

Day 3 “Tracking”

Early morning-round & briefing (Andrea & Danie)

Ecosystem briefing: Mammals & birds (Danie)

Early morning walking safari to Bush camp

Tracking skills and signs

Sensory briefing (tracking skills, pattern thinking) (Andrea)

Setting up the camp

San Art Discovery

Group session & reflection (Andrea)

Bush-cooking at camp

Sharing stories around the fire, talking stick (Andrea)

Day 4 “Solo Peak Experience”

Early morning-round & safety-briefing, preparation for solo time

(Andrea & Danie)

Sensory briefing for solo time (listening & intuitive skills) (Andrea)

“Solo Peak Experience” – Find your place, solo time in nature from morning to sunset

Evening group session around the fire, talking stick, sharing experiences during solo time (Andrea and Danie)

Day 5 “Integration”

Early-morning-round & briefing (Andrea & Guide)

At Bush Camp: group sessions on “Sustainability leadership” & reflection (Andrea)

Optional: Relax time or afternoon driving safari

Group session around the fire, talking stick, sharing stories (Andrea)


Day 6 “Farewell”


Morning Round & Reflection

Final group ceremony Bush Camp (Andrea & Danie)

Pack and take down camp

Hugs and good buys

Itinerary can change due to weather conditions, animal-sightings or safety reasons. Great flexibility is always required and change of program can occur any time.

IMPORTANT: Participation is at own risk. We are not a travel agency. All international flights and costs for accommodation are made individually by you - all other costs are included. Please also make sure that you have a health and travel insurance.

During the time in the bush you have NO access to wifi or connection with your phone at all. There is an emergency number at the office of the camps. Please make sure that your time offline is communicated to your team well in advance.

EUR 2.950 per Person (all included except international flights)

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"Life-changing experience."
Angela K., Partner International Law firm
"She is a great asset and no other coach would have supported me that way."
Katja R., Head of Sales and Operations Planning
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The 5 marrows of leadership

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About Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen

An experienced Executive Coach, entrepreneur and medical doctor, specialized in East Asian Medicine and member of the supervisory board in a medium-sized company in Germany. Her deep love for nature, the ocean and wild life made her start the "Leaders for sustainability initiative" with outdoor conferences in Germany and Cape Town.

Andrea has a psychoanalytic training, a PhD in Neuropediatrics, an INSEAD Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) and a training as CTI-Coach. She is a certified CRM-Trainer („Crew-Resource-Management“) for pilots. In addition to her clinical work as a medical doctor, she was an independent entrepreneur in the Health-Food-Industry and Co-Founder in a start-up business for wearable technology. Andrea consults global companies as well as family businesses and start-up businesses to successfully manage change and transformation and to support leaders and their teams. She worked for an NGO in several humanitarian medical missions in India and the Philippines and supports local social and environmental projects in Africa.

She has been flying helicopter since 2010. For the last two years she is training freediving, diving deep on one breath. In the highs and the lows, she finds what she also wants to convey to her clients: the ability to be deeply grounded in one-self and to be able to make the right decisions and stay relaxed in any given situation.

She lives in Frankfurt am Main/Germany and Cape Town/South Africa. She is a speaker and lecturer in the field of resilience and coaching in wilderness.

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Social and Environmental initiatives: How we give back

We support NGOs who have a social and environmental impact. A fixed percentage of all our fees is donated to our partner NGO. This year it is the IAMWATER_foundation.

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