Searching for the wild wolves in Germany

My personal journey with wild wolves in the Lausitz

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How can you deeply relax your nervous system in nature?

Is it possible that we have two brains? One in our head and one in our belly?

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Why is nature so effective in relieving stress and anxiety?

My personal story of connection with nature

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COVID-19 - Life with not against Corona

Reflection after 4 months living with the Corona pandemic

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Sustainable Leadership Why?

Sustainability is no longer just a well-intentioned corporate initiative, it will change our economic system and the way companies are managed in the long term. People are increasingly making their buying decisions and the way they live, eat, live and travel in terms of the climate. Investors invest in companies and start-ups that are credibly committed to the new sustainability values ​​and take on overall social responsibility. The future is sustainable and a green new deal is required.

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