Nature-based stories #4 - Whale songs

Communicate smarter in remote teams - How whale communication can inspire us

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Nature-based stories #3 - The flatworm

An eco-biological approach to organizational renewal in the sustainability evolution

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Nature-based stories #2 - Bryozoans

How does collaboration work in our oceans? The intricate life of Bryozoans

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Nature-based stories #1 - The Chiton

Chitons are an ideal model to understand adaptation for stress - in leadership and in our personal lives

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Kelp Forest ecosystems

My cold water dive in the Kelp Forest in Cape Town/South Africa

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Searching for the wild wolves in Germany

My personal journey with wild wolves in the Lausitz

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How can you deeply relax your nervous system in nature?

Is it possible that we have two brains? One in our head and one in our belly?

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