Das "ernst". Restaurant Berlin - 23. Dezember 2022

"Wilde" Sinneserfahrung. Diesmal in der Großstadt Berlin. Alle Sinne voll eingeschaltet - wie in der Wildnis

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Nature is not a thing. About the intelligence of nature and a grieving giraffe mother

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The nature of good leadership in digital times

The current state of the digital world with regards to work environments and the Yin & Yang in leadership

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Nature-based stories #5 What leaders can learn from seals

Why curiosity matters and what leaders can learn from seals?

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How Freediving changed my life

It´s never too late to start freediving

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Nature-based stories #4 - Whale songs

Communicate smarter in remote teams - How whale communication can inspire us

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Nature-based stories #3 - The flatworm

An eco-biological approach to organizational renewal in the sustainability evolution

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