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Think Wild, Act Wise

Understanding nature and the ecosystem means understanding business. Leadership Retreats in wilderness - Moving leadership to a new level. Wilderness-Coaching re-connects leaders to nature and wildlife.

- Reversing the disconnect between leaders and nature -

I am Wilderness
Leadership Experience

Executive Coaching in nature
with Dr Andrea Sibylle Claussen

I am Wilderness Leadership Experience

I am Wilderness Leadership Experience is dedicated to re-connect leaders with wild nature and self by using a methodology based on neuroscience, ecopsychology and holistic medicine. The program gives leaders new tools to enhance leadership presence, self-awareness, intuition, courage, purpose and an understanding of deep ecology.

It´s a transformative leadership program, 1:1 Executive Coaching and Team-Coaching taking place in Germany and Africa that helps develop leaders and teams who start driving business transformation towards sustainability.

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...who wants to be challenged and well prepared to lead in crisis and uncertainty.

...and equip yourself with the best tools to benefit from the opportunities that arise during the transition to a more sustainable economy.
...and act differently by transforming and deepening your connection with nature and wildlife.

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„Go Wild. Into the Wild“

What am I doing here? Am I living my “best” life? What is lacking in my life? Do I want to change anything? Can I change anything?  And if so, how do I change the things I want to?

Throughout our lives these are the types of questions that keep popping up. And if we are serious enough about them, we go from place to place in search of answers. Dr Andrea Sibylle Claussen is convinced that change happens outside of our comfort zones, and if you are looking to change anything, you need to be willing to step out of what feels comfortable.

She says it’s about finding a new perspective, a different vantage point. One that sheds new light on the bigger picture as well as the smaller details. According to her, this new perspective is not going to be found in the comfort of an office chair at another seminar in some building somewhere. Instead, she believes it is found in wild nature, in the outdoors, in the oceans, in the natural environment.

„The secret to change is to change the conditions that you surround yourself by, whether externally or internally“. I want to help leaders find answers to their own questions. I want to assist those who are serious about change. Leaders who want to think and act differently and by doing so lead differently.”

Her philosophy is quite unique. It is an approach that uses the natural environment and wild nature to restructure the balance between a leader’s mind and a leader’s guts. Her approach is far removed from the conventional leadership approaches.

It is far removed from PowerPoint presentations, laptops and smartphones.  It is acted upon adventure instead of office assimilations. Camping instead of 5 Star Hotel Luxury. Listening instead of broadcasting. It is doing instead of just talking about it.

By Julia Rothhaas, Journalist

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Our Programs

One-to-one Executive Coaching with Dr Andrea Sibylle Claussen
Virtual or face-to-face coaching sessions.
Outdoor conference: Leaders for sustainability initiative Aug 29, 2020
Guided nature experience, outdoor- group sessions and walks promoting networking.
Team development in nature
Team development workshops in nature after long weeks in home office during the Corona pandemic.
Wild Dolphins in Mozambique Nov 7-14, 2020 - CANCELLED due to COVID-19 lockdown in Moz
7 day Leadership Retreat in Ponta Malongane/Mozambique - Ocean-challenge for leaders in transition
Conference: Leaders for sustainability initiative in Cape Town March 5 & 6, 2021
Meet inspiring African leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability. Attend in person or virtually.
Zambia Deep Wilderness Experience June 8-16, 2021
8 Day Leadership Adventure in Zambia June 8 - 16, 2021
Cape Town & Karoo South Africa March 2021
6 day Leadership Experience in Cape Town and Karoo. March 7 - 13, 2021. Includes an ocean experience and walking safaris in the African bush
Sound-Journey with Andrea
Sound, innovation and creativity in Business
"Andrea is a brilliant coach who I trust for leading me towards my authentic self and who is helping with huge empathy through the most difficult changes in my life."
Angela K., Partner International Law firm
"An incredible experience - something you won´t want to miss - rather repeat!"
Beate K., Banker

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Virtual coaching and Coaching-sessions 1:1 or team-workshops in nature are available.

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‍"Leaders for Sustainability Initiative" Conferences
by Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen

August 29, 2020:
Outdoor Conference at Rote Mühle, Bad Soden
near Frankfurt/M., Germany
March 5+6 in 2021:
Conference at Amani House in Cape Town / South Africa. You are passionate about sustainability and conservation? Join in person or virtually.
Outdoor conference Aug 29, 2020: 10.30 - 15:00 h
Meet leaders and entrepreneurs whose passion is to lead sustainable. Walk, listen, talk and learn in nature.
Learn about wildlife and the ecosystem in our German forest. Bring your partners and kids.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Rompf, Founder of Motion Group Capital, former CEO DB Netz:
"The future of mobility and sustainable transport"

Claudia Welker, Managing Director Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität (DGQ) e.V.
"Quality-awareness in times of COVID and climate crisis - challenges and opportunities"

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Conference in Cape Town March 5+6, 2021:
Meet african leaders and entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainability and conservation.

Join in person or virtually.
Program coming soon.
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