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As a medical doctor, specialized in East Asian Medicine, Andrea regularly faced the question: What can I do to give a body the right impulse to heal? She felt she could do more if she not only focused on acute pain, but also tried to identify the problem behind it. This vision finally led her to the renowned business school INSEAD near Paris. After completing a two-year program Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC), she became an Executive Coach.

For the concept of "I am Wilderness Leadership Experience" Dr Andrea Sibylle Claussen combines her expertise as Executive coach, neuroscience, ecopsychology and the five-element-model of East Asian Medicine. With this holistic system, blockages in your body, your team and you’re your organization can be tracked down and solved. To do this, she focuses not so much on the symptoms of what happens in the business situation, but rather on the root of the problem. Her customers are Fortune 500 firms as well as medium-sized companies, start-up entrepreneurs and consulting firms. Dr Andrea Sibylle Claussen is also a member of the advisory board at HERING GmbH and co-founder of the Start-up ambiotex GmbH.  

By Julia Rothhaas, Journalist

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Tracking and Survival-Skills in nature enhance: Leadership presence, self-awareness, authenticity and flow.

#2 Purpose
Notice what feels right. Re-define your values and purpose as a leader in the context of wild nature.
"Nature showed me what is really important."
#4 Energy
Deeply relax your mind and body in a natural environment. Be energized by nature and wildlife.
"I felt so calm, relaxed and clear. I couldn't believe how much energy I felt after the program."
#1 Intuition
Integrate your "gut-feeling" into fact-based decision making.
" After Andrea´s program I started to notice more in myself and my team. When my gut "reacts" to something, I definitely look deeper into a topic before I make a final decision. This is a huge change for me."
#3 Courage
Walk off the beaten track, develop resilience and face new perspectives.
"In meetings I do speak up more frequently and address uncomfortable but relevant issues."

#5 Connection
Notice everything. Reconnect yourself with nature and people.
"My team gave me feedback that I listen more. I feel more connected with people in general."

The 5 marrows of leadership

Based on...

The "I am wilderness leadership experience"

Andrea designed “I am Wilderness Leadership Experience” to give leaders the opportunity to grow and develop - be it as a person, in a team or within an organization. The first coaching workshop with wild dolphins took place in Mozambique in 2016, followed in 2018 by the first leadership experiences in the South African bush and in 2019 in the German alps. In South Africa  she has a home advantage: In Cape Town, the 54-year-old has found a second home with her husband since several years.

"Adventure is my comfort zone," says Andrea Sibylle Claussen. Beyond the manageable, she feels comfortable. Of course, always with thorough planning, great care and a clear head.

The “I am Wilderness Leadership Experience” is taught and run by Dr Andra Sibylle Claussen. It is deliberately designed to take leaders away from what feels natural and comfortable and instead give them something unfamiliar and challenging.  It is this challenging environment in which leaders learn to better perceive themselves and their needs and to discover their own identity and purpose. Whether in unspoiled and untouched nature in Germany, in the clear blue ocean of Mozambique or in the untamed wild bush of South Africa and Zambia: The contact with nature brings insights and “aha-moments”, a fresh perspective that is wider, wiser and "wilder" than what was ever possible in the classic “conventional” executive coaching models. Wilderness holds up a mirror - privately and professionally in which leaders get to see their authentic individuality.  

By Julia Rothhaas, Journalist

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One-to-one Executive Coaching with Dr Andrea Sibylle Claussen
Virtual or face-to-face coaching sessions.
Outdoor conference: Leaders for sustainability initiative Aug 29, 2020
Guided nature experience, outdoor- group sessions and walks promoting networking.
Team development in nature
Team development workshops in nature after long weeks in home office during the Corona pandemic.
Wild Dolphins in Mozambique Nov 7-14, 2020 - CANCELLED due to COVID-19 lockdown in Moz
7 day Leadership Retreat in Ponta Malongane/Mozambique - Ocean-challenge for leaders in transition
Conference: Leaders for sustainability initiative in Cape Town March 5 & 6, 2021
Meet inspiring African leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability. Attend in person or virtually.
Zambia Deep Wilderness Experience June 8-16, 2021
8 Day Leadership Adventure in Zambia June 8 - 16, 2021
Cape Town & Karoo South Africa March 2021
6 day Leadership Experience in Cape Town and Karoo. March 7 - 13, 2021. Includes an ocean experience and walking safaris in the African bush
Sound-Journey with Andrea
Sound, innovation and creativity in Business

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