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What her clients say

"Andrea has accompanied me for many years in crucial phases of my career. Her coaching is characterized by the combination of presence, scientifically based methods, intuition and intellect. I found this interaction to be a great support for turning points in my career." Dirk R., Entrepreneur and former CEO

"Andrea manages to keep the balance between working hard on the team-topics and at the same time, creates a very relaxed atmosphere during the workshop.
With her many years of experience and her fine intuition, she has reached everyone in our team.
It was particularly moving to see how everyone fully engaged already during the first day of the 2-day-workshop and it
showed a remarkable effect on our team. I highly recommend Andrea as a coach. She is very professional and yet very warm and approachable."
Mirjam M., CFO Fundraising Box

"These two days with Andrea were extremely inspiring and broadened our horizon. I never thought that it would be possible in very short time, that our management team would realize in this workshop in nature what are the basic needs of every person: harmony with nature and love. Now everyone in our team has taken this knowledge into his or her working reality and is using it in difficult situations through the positive memories of reactivating this feeling of happiness and contentment. Thanks for that!" Ramiro M., Director Logistics Systems Projects

"I have made a huge change in my life. Meeting Andrea, the process that was initiated, the awareness that I developed were the basis for this change. Thank you very much. There are probably only a few people in a life that can trigger such crucial things. So glad that we met!" Roger S., CEO

"Andrea is a versatile woman, is excellent in listening and asking the perfect questions in order to challenge and generate growth. She supports finding questions to complex, interlinked problems and gives hints how an implementation might work. Next to extensive experiences as a business coach, Andrea’s various insights as medical doctor and expert for Traditional Chinese Medicine help to find ways which are well balanced and holistic. Thus, the change which is foreseen can be implemented in a sustainable way. I was very lucky to meet Andrea and I am absolutely convinced, that she is a great asset and no other coach could have supported me that way." Katja R., Head of Sales and Operations Planning

"Andrea is a warm, authentic and experienced coach. She inspires, motivates and leads the entire group towards their set goals. Experiencing our team workshop in untouched nature was very special. Becoming part of nature and working on our topics was great. Andrea knew how to facilitate our diverse leadership team and helped us to overcome hierarchies within the team. We became a unit and shared our very personal stories around the fire. This created understanding for each other as well as deep connection and trust and the common insight: we are all human beings. Our team experience in nature went far beyond many other traditional team workshop formats. The location, structure and Andrea´s unique way of facilitation was great. We are looking forward to the next workshop!" Thomas L., Director Technical Operations

"I am working with Andrea over more than six years and she has helped me navigate multiple changes and shifts in my career through her incredible ability to understand complexities of the given situation and personal variables involved. Andrea is a warm empathic coach who is working based on very high professional standards. What I appreciate is the feeling of being on a continuous journey together. She is constantly searching for development and is very brave by not shying away to choose the unknown. Coaching leaders in wilderness is a unique approach Andrea has developed which helps us connect with ourselves and nature’s rough and magical beauties in order to develop ourselves towards our own authentic leadership style. Andrea is a brilliant coach who I trust for leading me towards my authentic self and who is helping with huge empathy through the most difficult changes in my life." Angela K., Partner International Law firm

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"Life-changing experience."
Angela K., Partner International Law firm
"She is a great asset and no other coach would have supported me that way."
Katja R., Head of Sales and Operations Planning
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About Dr. Andrea Sibylle Claussen

An experienced Executive Coach, entrepreneur and medical doctor, specialized in East Asian Medicine and member of the supervisory board in a medium-sized company in Germany. Her deep love for nature, the ocean and wild life made her start the "Leaders for sustainability initiative" with outdoor conferences in Germany and Cape Town.

Andrea has a psychoanalytic training, a PhD in Neuropediatrics, an INSEAD Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change (EMCCC) and a training as CTI-Coach. She is a certified CRM-Trainer („Crew-Resource-Management“) for pilots. In addition to her clinical work as a medical doctor, she was an independent entrepreneur in the Health-Food-Industry and Co-Founder in a start-up business for wearable technology. Andrea consults global companies as well as family businesses and start-up businesses to successfully manage change and transformation and to support leaders and their teams. She worked for an NGO in several humanitarian medical missions in India and the Philippines and supports local social and environmental projects in Africa.

She has been flying helicopter since 2010. For the last two years she is training freediving, diving deep on one breath. In the highs and the lows, she finds what she also wants to convey to her clients: the ability to be deeply grounded in one-self and to be able to make the right decisions and stay relaxed in any given situation.

She lives in Frankfurt am Main/Germany and Cape Town/South Africa. She is a speaker and lecturer in the field of resilience and coaching in wilderness.

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Social and Environmental initiatives: How we give back

We support NGOs who have a social and environmental impact. A fixed percentage of all our fees is donated to our partner NGO. This year it is the IAMWATER_foundation.

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